Flood Alert
This message has been issued due to water levels remaining high following rainfall over the last few days. This information is correct as of 07:30 on Tuesday 17th April 2018. The causeway at Welney has approximately 15 centimetres of water on the road. The causeway at Sutton Gault has approximately 1 centimetre of water on the road. There are currently no issues on the Earith Causeway. Due to the uneven surface of the roads, water may be deeper in places. The forecast is for no rain over the next few days. We are expecting river levels to remain high. Locations most at risk are Hundred Foot Washes, also known as the Ouse Washes, including the causeways at Earith, Sutton Gault and Welney. The Environment Agency are continuing to monitor river levels. DETAILS
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