Flood Alert
Levels on the Tidal River Trent are rising with the morning high tide but will fall during the day. Levels will then rise into this evening once more with the high tide. This is in result to high tides. As a result, flooding of low lying agricultural land and roads around Church Laneham to Rampton Road is likely to start after 10am this morning. Peak high tide is expected between 9:30am and 11:30am. River levels will begin to fall with the low tide but is expected to rise again this evening with the high tide between approximately 9pm and 11pm, but river levels are not likely to cause flooding. We urge residents to prepare, remain vigilant and avoid walking and driving through flood water. We are closely monitoring the situation. We will endeavour to update this message this evening, 17th April 2018 or as the situation changes. DETAILS
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